DIY Network

Nights in Red Vinyl

Episode DMGD-409H

Tune In

  • January 28, 2015

    2:30 PM e/p

The Jones Family has a huge rec room- with two TVs! But no one ever uses the place. Michelle calls it 'creepy,' her son Bryce says it's 'no fun,' and Tim doesn't know how to change their minds. But Anitra does! Her plan will turn up the swank factor to 11 in a family-friendly hangout zone that will call to mind a luxe hotel lobby. The floors are tiled in an elegant herringbone pattern, and the weirdly-textured walls get a more modern touch with chocolate-colored architectural finish. Tim and Michelle learn how to wrap long planks in red vinyl to clad two of the walls for a look inspired by retro airline lounges. To that end, a custom bar is created for adult entertainment, and the brick fireplace gets a facelift with sleek tile. But the room's centerpiece is an entertainment center so crazy, it actually came to Anitra in a dream. The crew spends most of the week figuring out how to countersink a live-edge slab of box elder wood into a another slab of wood- like a backward jigsaw puzzle- but the end result is worth all the trouble when these Joneses wind up with a sophisticated and fun Mega Den that will have everyone they know dying to keep up with them.


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