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Historic Attic Dance Party

Episode DMGD-410H

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  • December 23, 2014

    1:30 PM e/p

The Doyles' home was once owned by a founding father of The Coca-Cola Company, but the interior of the historically-preserved mansion has barely changed since 1903. Friends are afraid to touch anything, and there's no safe place for kids to run and play. Anitra and the Mega Dens team look up to the unused attic to create a family fun spot that's a diversion from the Victorian-era antiques and stuffy museum feel in the rest of the home. The old paneling comes down to reveal gorgeous original brick, and on one wall, antique doors rescued from the basement are arranged like puzzle pieces to pay tribute to the home's past as a boarding house. Zebrawood laminate introduces a swinging '60s flair to the space, while Anitra breaks one of her own rules by using brass on a custom entertainment center. A new bar gives the adults a cool place to congregate, and state of the art electronics and games will occupy kids of all ages. Anitra adds ritzy chandeliers- spray-painted bright red, of course- for a bold touch of drama overhead, and new oak barrel flooring gives the Doyles a place for family dance parties. The result is a brand-new chapter for this home that already has quite a rich history... but nothing like its first Mega Den.


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