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Dressed for Mega Success with Crazy Costumes and a Dope DJ Booth

Episode DMGD-509H

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  • February 16, 2015

    12:00 PM e/p

The Black family loves to dance, and they love to dress up in costumes for any occasion. Anitra and the Mega Dens team are ready to turn their plain basement into a fun destination where this family can get the party started in style! The whole Black clan dons overalls and fake mustaches to demo the 80s-era bar, then Lauren goes to work with Mikey on a replacement: a tabletop that will pull away from the wall for 360-degree use and hide wine storage underneath. Joey uses scrap pieces pulled from previous Mega Dens to create a patchwork-themed media console that Anitra compares to hobo pants, but insists it will be a good thing. The surprise centerpiece of the room comes together piece by piece, a classic red British phone booth that will serve as the entryway to the guest bedroom and bathroom? and be the ideal spot for quick costume changes. But the family has a surprise of their own for Anitra when they show up to brick a wall of the basement wearing T-shirts with her high school cheerleader photo on them! From indestructible vinyl flooring to simple accent lighting built entirely from scratch to a kicking DJ booth complete with turntables, lights, lasers, and a fog machine hidden in a classy sideboard buffet, this Mega Den will help the Black family dance the night away!


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