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Cleaning Up and Coolifying Jill's Mega Distaster

Episode DMGD-507ZH

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  • April 27, 2014

    8:00 PM e/p

  • April 27, 2014

    3:00 AM e/p

Jill and Susan are big fans of the show, so much so that Jill tried DIYing her own Mega Den. But her efforts have completely scared the rest of the family out of the rec room. Anitra and the team to the rescue! Jill's black ceiling was meant to create the illusion of space, but makes the room feel like a cramped cave so a new grid of shiny tin tiles is the first order of business. Everyone takes turns busting stone off the dated fireplace to make way for an artsy treatment that uses scrap wood from every Mega Den ever built! Anitra wraps the massive built-ins in sleek black faux alligator vinyl and shows an inexpensive trick for making matching doors to totally hide the clutter! And the larger-than-life bar that dominated the space before? Bye-bye. In its place, Anitra and Mikey bang out a curved serving space that mixes rustic wood, rusty metal, and rocking LED lighting. Jill and Susan had the right idea for their Mega Den, but after a week with Anitra and the boys, they truly have one of the sickest Mega Dens ever constructed!


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