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An Outdated Living Room Gets New Life and a Sunporch Moves Inside to Become the Not-Porch Mega Den

Episode DMGD-505H

Bethany Anderson and her young son David are DIY junkies who built a bar and massive fireplace mantel in their living room. But the space still doesn't feel like home. Enter Anitra and the Mega Dens gang, who demo the pair's own builds to make way for a swanky two-room hangout. Bethany builds a new bar that keeps her glassware and bottles safely contained behind built-from-scratch doors. The brick fireplace gets a futuristic new look with 3-D concrete tiles that turn the entire structure into its own piece of art. And a neglected sunporch that was rarely used for anything but storage is completely reimagined. New framing, new insulation, new windows, a new vaulted ceiling, new flooring. It's no longer a seasonal sunporch, it's a genuine room of the home so this fun fam can spread out in style. And with clever Anitra touches like an industrial-chic rolling mudroom rack and candles made from heirloom birch logs, it's a Mega Den that suits Bethany and David to a perfect T.


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