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A Hidey Hole, a Wine Hammock, and a Pink Floor: Welcome to the Love Den

Episode DMGD-506H

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  • February 16, 2015

    11:30 AM e/p

Dave and Orran have adopted twin sons, so turning their just-finished basement into usable space has been put on hold. Anitra and her team come to the rescue with a swanky hangout that recalls the dads' world-traveling past and offers their new family room to grow. The awkward space under the stairs becomes a killer wine cellar with a Mega Den-original wine hammock system that allows bottles to be displayed and cradled by leftover fabric. For the concrete floor, Anitra talks the crew into trying pink stain for the first time ever, with mind-blowing results. Both homeowners get in on the build, too. Orran helps construct a custom bar, while Dave cranks out a wall's worth of built-in bookcases. But the bookcase also houses a top-secret surprise, a clever reading nook that converts to a guest room when company comes! Designer details, custom creations, and high-tech toys all combine to create one of the smokingest Mega Dens the team has ever attempted!


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