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Matt White travels the world salvaging and recycling the greatest finds available, from building materials to the rare and unusual like salvaged doors from Indian castles and railroad ties from the Australian Outback. Matt is co-owner of Recycling The Past, an architectural salvage shop and family business in Barnegat, N.J. Matt started recycling during his childhood and credits his love of construction, carpentry, landscaping and re-creating to his father. After college, Matt spent the next few years traveling to find his niche – finding and creating functional art and furniture from found objects and selling them at fairs and markets around the U.S. Recycling The Past is housed in two historic homes, circa the 1820s and 1860s, which Matt helped restore. He also refurbished his personal 1851 residence with all salvage items. Take a hard look at how Matt and his family tear through trash to find their treasures on DIY Network’s new series, Operation Salvage.