DIY Network

Runway Race

Episode DMSM-210FH

Tune In

  • March 05, 2015

    7:30 AM e/p

  • March 05, 2015

    1:00 PM e/p

Dan and Mary Gill have given their sons Kyle and Keefer a fantastic start to life. And now they want to help elder son Kyle to buy his first home. So, when Dan discovered a perfect house for sale. But it is by the local airport, which is now expanding and sits right in the way of the new runway and is destined to be demolished. To save the house, Dan calls in house truckers Randy and Troy from Ehrlichmann Movers. Moving the super wide home is a huge challenge. They have to guide Kyle's dream home under high voltage cables, across rough terrain and over precarious river crossings. To make matters even more complicated the bitter Minnesota winter closes in on them.


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