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Marriage Under Construction

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April 03, 8:30 am
Search for Perfect Fixer-Upper
April 03, 9:00 am
A Cozy Bedroom Retreat
April 03, 9:30 am
A Backyard Where We Belong
April 03, 10:00 am
A Closet, and a Room to Spare
April 03, 10:30 am
A New Front Yard
April 03, 11:00 am
A Sunroom for all Seasons
April 03, 11:30 am
Living and Dining Rooms
April 03, 12:00 pm
The Model of a Modern Kitchen
April 03, 12:30 pm
Dining Room Makeover
April 03, 1:00 pm
Lush Living Room

About This Show

Marriage Under Construction follows all the stress and drama as newlyweds purchase, renovate and decorate their first home. It's more than just a home renovation: it's a personal, physical and mental journey to building a relationship and a home, one nail at a time.


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