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Episode HMUC-401FH

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  • March 13, 2015

    9:00 AM e/p

  • April 09, 2015

    8:30 AM e/p

Young couple Matt and Kate are just starting their lives together. He's a professional musician who spends a lot of time rocking out with the boys. Kate has just finished college and is now a dental hygenist. The two have been living with Kate's parents. They've been dating for several years, and Matt is almost ready to propose. But things are starting to get cramped at Mom and Dad's-so the couple is looking for a place to call their own. After searching throughout the city, the couple zeroes in on a two-story semi-detached with a yard for their dogs and a garage for Matt's tools. They've got a renovation budget of $60,000. Matt is sure he can handle all the work himself. But to help form a design plan, Kate needs a pro. They meet their designer, Alexandra, who'll be tasked with meshing Matt's bare-bones, industrial leanings with Kate's warm and homey desires. Alex's elaborate designs could break the bank, so Matt's counting on her to come up with ways to bring on the chic with reclaimed items and plenty of DIY projects for Kate. The couple decides to move into the basement while they concentrate on the renovation. Moving from one tight space to another is more than enough reason to get the job done.


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