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An Indianapolis native, Mark Lambert was raised in a family of car enthusiasts. Lambert's grandfather, Charles Lambert, sponsored a successful Ford-based racing team in the Central States Racing Association (CSRA) in the 1920s and '30s. As the middle child of seven, Mark learned about car repair at an early age with guidance from his father and older brother. He restored his first car, a 1954 MG-TF, at age 16. That project was followed by a few Austin Healeys, several Packards and many other collector cars. An avid researcher, Mark is fascinated by every aspect of automotive design, from the industry's beginnings to its current cars, and he uses his extensive knowledge of automobiles every day.

Mark's business, Lambert Auto in Nashville, Tennessee, specializes in servicing the Full Classics along with other pre-war American and post-war British cars. Don't look for him in the Yellow Pages, as his is a world where confidentiality counts and personal referral is the only way in. His customers, widely varied and located around the globe, have sought out his help for more than 25 years. Lambert Auto was featured, along with Jay Leno's garage and 23 others across the U.S., in author Phil Berg's recent best-selling book, Ultimate Garages. Contrary to the popular trend of over-restoring collector cars into static works of art, Mark prefers to restore them for their original purpose: transportation. He enjoys living this philosophy and his daily drivers include a '65 Jaguar E-Type Coupe, a '36 Packard Convertible, a '68 GTO Convertible and a '37 Chrysler Imperial Airflow Sedan.

Mark began a second career in 2003, hosting Classic Car Restoration for DIY Network.