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Medieval Times is here to help Man Caves build the ultimate Medieval Man Cave for Brian "Bo" Trant.

Episode DMCV-1201H

Tune In

  • August 08, 2014

    8:30 PM e/p

  • August 08, 2014

    3:30 AM e/p

  • August 15, 2014

    7:00 PM e/p

Brian 'Bo' Trant and his pet pig 'Hammy,' moved into their first home with hopes of transforming the outdated basement into their own ultimate Man Cave. However, after a hurricane demolished his basement, he quickly realized he was in over his head. Now the Man Caves crew is teaming up Medieval Times to turn this dilapidated basement into a Medieval Cave that is fit for a king. With an added secret door, fireplace, and magnificent stonework, this Cave will be the most envied space in the whole Kingdom.


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