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Incredible Kitchen Contraption

Episode DMIM-107H

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  • May 12, 2015

    8:00 AM e/p

Vinnie wants his kitchen to combine his two passions - cooking and healthy eating. However, this cramped, 100-year old room hardly encourages culinary creativity. Flux overhauls the space by replacing the lighting, floors, and walls. They install custom cabinetry to create a breakfast bar peninsula. Back at the shop, Scott assists Jesse in building a mechanical pot rack so that Vinnie can raise and lower pots from an overhead structure with a telescoping lever. Using acrylic panels, Andre fabricates vertical window treatments that function as a louver system, and Dave creates a multipurpose butcher block that fits neatly under the counter. Finally, they give Vinnie new appliances and electronics including a wall-mounted television, audio components, and recessed speakers. With a custom kitchen, Vinnie is ready to prepare nutritious meals while finally being able to enterain properly in his new space.


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