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From Dingy to Durable Family Fun Basement

Episode DMIM-105H

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  • January 28, 2015

    7:30 AM e/p

Flux helps homeowners Colton and Dominique turn their unfinished basement into a family-friendly living room. The couple started fixing up their basement but never finished, and now they need professional assistance from Flux to turn their "dungeon" into a livable room. Jeremy and his team design a unique room capable of fitting Colton and Dominique's large family. One corner of the basement houses a cushy, contemporary sofa and entertainment center. Flux builds occasional tables with steel frames and four-inch ipe wood slabs that function as end tables when separated and as a coffee table when put together. Another seating area features game tables with chalkboard tabletops, a playful touch designed to entertain the couple's young children. The highlight of the room is a modular shelving unit with ladder-style brackets. Flux takes an unconventional approach to the shelves and constructs them with hardwood flooring that will endure wear-and-tear for years. Since the shelves are not fixed to the brackets, the homeowners can easily rearrange the shelves meet their needs. When Colton and Dominique see what Flux has done with their basement, they are thrilled to finally have a space to spend time together as a family.


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