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January 17

Keep Your Landscape Safe From Winter Salt

To keep your landscape healthy in the winter it's good to know how rock salt affects your plants.

January 13

13 Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Check out these unique ways to turn a pile of logs into a chic part of your decor.

January 13

Creative Genius: Morgan Spenla of the Crafter's Box

Discover your inner maker with this DIY-focused subscription box.

January 12

Relief Printing 101: Cool Ways to Customize Paper + Textiles

Create customized stamps using inexpensive supplies like...potatoes!

January 11

Comfort Food Classic: Green Bean Casserole

Don't save this classic for the holidays: it's a great cold-weather treat.

January 10

Upcycle Old Toys Into Adorable, Useful Accessories

Create adorable key chains and planters from kids' toys.

January 11

4 Things to Know Before Moving a House

By: Megan Daley

Though the idea is tantalizing, the reality can be more challenging.

January 9

Ways to Add a Pop of Color for Under $100

Show your love for a favorite hue with these easy designer tricks and DIY projects.

January 6

How to Clean a Fabric Headboard

Hygiene doesn’t stop at the sheets.

January 11

Quiz: Is Your Yard Ready for Winter?

By: Megan Daley

Tips to remember for chilly winters to come.

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