Tasty Turkey + Stuffing Recipes Remade for Thanksgiving

What’s your approach to Thanksgiving? Do you stick with the tried-and-true recipes, or venture out and explore new sides and different cooking styles?

I’m more the latter. There are a few specialties I wouldn’t want to go without (like my mom’s famous mashed potatoes that are loaded with butter and mixed with sour cream), but I’ve enjoyed taking a twist on the classics each year too. The internet is swimming with amazing Thanksgiving recipes, and I want to taste them all.

A thanksgiving spread.

A thanksgiving spread.

Hosting Thanksgiving with lots of unique turkey and stuffing options.

Last year was the first year that my family brined a turkey for days in advance. We followed Alton Brown’s brined turkey recipe and would recommend it to anyone. It was the juiciest turkey ever.

This year, I’m exploring different seasonings and am looking forward to testing this recipe from Bobby Flay that includes a Spanish spice rub and sour orange sauce.

If you're searching for other interesting turkey recipes, you might like this bacon wrapped turkey breast with pear hash, or this recipe with maple syrup in the turkey brine.

When you think about Thanksgiving seasonings, stuffing is probably top of mind too, whether you're stuffing it in the bird or delivering it as a side. Cooking Channel has the ultimate roundup that consists of 30 sensational stuffings – and many include some of the most unexpected spices and ingredients I’ve ever encountered (yes, those are chunks of everything bagel, and yes, that chef is a genius).

I added a few others to my Pinterest board to sample in the future:

• A dressing with a cornbread base, a la this one with pancetta, apples, and mushrooms.

• Sourdough bread stuffing – so close to the traditional, but with different flavor in the breading.

• Stuffing designed to rival the baked potato, one with a potato bread base, topped with sour cream, cheese, salsa, and scallions.

Bonus ideas to delight your tastebuds:

• Serve classic stuffing inside mushrooms as an easy stuffed mushroom Thanksgiving appetizer.

• A sausage dressing stuffed in artichokes is larger than an appetizer, but provides a beautiful presentation for the dinner.

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