Rustic Wedding Decorations You Can Make

Gettin' hitched? Save money on your nupitals with homespun projects that turn up the charm.

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I always knew that I would be a Bridezilla. What I didn’t expect was to be one for a wedding that wasn’t even mine. Ah yes — from the dresses to the bachelorette party, I have stressed over every single detail of my best friend’s Tennessee wedding, despite my initial claims that I was going to be a “really chill” bridesmaid.

I just like to say I’m eager.

Bridal Party Boot Photo Showcasing Soft Pink Dresses and Hydrangea and Baby's Breath Bridesmaid Bouquets

Bridal Party Boot Photo Showcasing Soft Pink Dresses and Hydrangea and Baby's Breath Bridesmaid Bouquets

These soft pink knee-length bridesmaid dresses show off the boot the girls are wearing for a perfect match to the country style. The bride lifts her lace skirt to show her matching shoes. White hydrangea and baby's breath bridesmaid bouquets and the soft pink roses in the bride's flowers create a soft counter to their dresses.

Thanks to the many, many hours I’ve now logged doing wedding research, I have a plethora of information and am happy to report that there are dozens and dozens of rustic-chic wedding ideas you can DIY instead of buy. Here are some of my favorites: 

The Invitations



If you've got a printer and a little creativity, you can create custom invitations and save big. You can typically buy packages of blank cards and envelopes at the craft store for under $20. I love this rustic wood-grain invitation; if you love it, you can download the template for free!

Print Your Own Invitations

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For a Holiday Wedding or Elegant Affair in the Forest

Perfect For an Autumn Wedding

The Flowers

Basic Burlap

Basic Burlap

Add rustic flair to any floral centerpiece by wrapping the vase in burlap. The look works especially well when using tall, skinny vases as shown here.

Photo by: cbphoto13


Add rustic flair to any floral centerpiece by wrapping the vase in burlap. The look works especially well when using tall, skinny vases as shown here.

There are dozens and dozens of ways to make a beautiful wedding centerpiece. Budget brides and grooms can save money by sticking to in-season flowers, using the bouquets from the ceremony as the centerpieces and if you have the time and the manpower – making your own bouquets. Though you’ll probably want a friend or family member to step in the day of the ceremony, this also opens up a few fun opportunities: group floral design classes, a “make the bouquet” party and trips to nurseries or the farmers’ market.

45 Lush Centerpieces

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Culinary Creation

Do you have a green thumb? Try this cute idea from, and line the tables with eye-catching herbs in bright tin cans. It's a simple touch that would also make a great wedding favor. Photo by Brightwood Photography

Photo By: Brightwood Photography

Basic Burlap

Add rustic flair to any floral centerpiece by wrapping the vase in burlap. The look works especially well when using tall, skinny vases as shown here.

Photo By: cbphoto13

Uniform Flowers

With so much mixing and matching of patterns, this is a great opportunity to make a statement with bold monochromatic arrangements. Artfully arrange dozens of bright pink ranunculus in a single gold vase to create a striking focal point in the center of the table. Courtesy of Camille Styles, editor of

Photo By: ©

Preppy and Sweet

For a classic demure design, opt for simple white daisies. For a little something extra, add lace or pearls to the vase.

Photo By: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Double-Duty Dessert Tray

A three-tiered dessert tray is a great tool for displaying a pretty grouping of candles and greenery. Add visual interest by using herbs and vegetables with different textures, like the artichokes displayed here.

Photo By: romrodinka

Sugar Magnolia

Paper flowers are a great departure from traditional floral arrangements, but they can still make a strong visual impact. For this garland, we made paper magnolia blossoms and attached them to real magnolia branches, then arranged them all down the length of the table. Design by

©She-n-He Photography

Statement Piece

Keep flowers basic with multi-colored blooms, and instead add interest through the vessel you place the flowers in. Search thrift and antique stores or even your own home for cool urns that will make a statement.

Photo By: LemonMeringue

Simply Elegant

Talk about taking it to new heights and lengths. You can't help saying "wow" when looking at this exquisite runner of pretty white hydrangeas.

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Antique Tea Pots

At this wedding, a variety of vintage silver tea pots were filled with beautiful summer hues.

Tissue, Please

Created from an empty tissue box, this project from Crème de la Craft is both unbelievably chic and budget friendly. Just add fresh flowers to complete the look.

Photo By: Crème de la Craft

Outside of the Box

A pearly white birdcage adds a romantic touch as a centerpiece or fun addition to the guest book table. Fill the cage with vibrant blooms for an extra special touch.

Photo By: Courtesy of BHLDN

Rustic Organic

Play up an organic color palette by combining cream flowers with green and sage foliage, including rosemary and olive branches. The Byrd Collective used neutral hues to create beautiful small arrangements in old repurposed bottles then scattered them down the length of the table. Courtesy of Camille Styles, editor of

©She-n-He Photography

Produce Piled High

For a simple but beautiful non-floral centerpiece, spray paint a compote or urn bright gold. Fill the compote with clementines and garnish with fresh mint sprigs for a centerpiece that infuses the table with beautiful color — and makes for a delicious snack or dessert for guests. Courtesy of Camille Styles, editor of

©She-n-He Photography


To add a sense of festive abundance to the table, get creative with non-floral centerpieces that can be used for a holiday wedding. Classic silver ball ornaments add interest when piled high in a silver compote or displayed in apothecary and bell jars. Fill in any empty spaces with mercury glass votives, taper candlesticks, additional ornaments and oversized pinecones. Design by

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

Tea Time

It's a tea party for grownups when you use the quaint vessels to hold your elegant arrangements.

Photo By: leeavison

Youthful Surprise

For a relaxed wedding full of whimsy, encourage guests to remember their younger years by making a few of these adorable pinwheels for each table. Find instructions here.

Photo By: Jeff Loves Jessica Photography, Jessica Kesterson

Just Beachy

To keep things inexpensive, use interesting elements found in nature to give your beach-themed tables some coastal flair. Driftwood, potted succulents and shells are great options for a small budget.

Make a Splash

Bring the table to life with a touch of kitsch. Goldfish bowl centerpieces are a great non-floral alternative. They are economical and easy to assemble and they are sure to keep the atmosphere light and festive. Design by

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

Citrus Surprise

To hide stems and create a fresh, summer look, slice citrus fruit and line the inside of your vase. It's a small detail that makes a huge difference.

Photo By: Kevin Woodrow ©Kevin Woodrow

Steampunk Style

Steampunk decor is all about industrial touches with a collected-over-time vibe. Combine vintage oil cans, mixed brass containers and various gears and gadgets for the perfect steampunk centerpiece.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

The Perfect Mix

Don't forget about berries and greenery when choosing your flower arrangement. Flowers may be the star of the show, but these interesting touches add color and texture and simply look amazing.

Photo By: Yelena Kovalenko

DIY Table Numbers

Make you own basic table numbers to lean against a classic floral centerpiece. You'll save money and still create an elegant display.

Photo By: Sergey Kondritskiy

Water Bottle Table Numbers

This easy and inexpensive project can be used after the wedding as cute kitchen decor. Design by

©She-n-He Photography

Summer Blooms

Display florals in vintage silver pitchers and vases for a classic, polished look. Loosely arrange white garden roses and polar star roses with green camellia leaves and Queen Anne's lace, then add a pop of preppy color with sprigs of lavender muscari. Design by

©She-n-He Photography

Spring Fever

Perfect for spring, a colorful grouping of grass and tulips is a fresh take on generic floral centerpieces. Design by Kim Foren of Geranium Lake


Soft and Subtle

Fresh fruit and floating candles add a light, airy look to this gorgeous white and green table.

Photo By: romrodinka

Single Rose

For a fairytale effect, place a single rose in a glass or vase. Then disperse multiple glasses around each table.

Photo By: glowonconcept

You're No. 1

Today of all days, it's clear you're a winner! Show it off with cool vintage trophies that can be used as vases for flowers, silverware or other knickknacks.

Unexpected Mix

Bring in color with natural but unexpected ways by mixing bright flowers with fresh citrus.

Photo By: czekma13

Kick Off Your Boots

Barn wedding are still all the rage, but classy equestrian decor is an updated twist on the popular rustic theme. Leather riding boots look pretty and unique as vases for lovely bouquets.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Colorful Retro

Creating modern floral arrangements that don't look overly sparse can be tricky. The Byrd Collective used two rectangular glass vases to create monochromatic bunches of complementary flowers. By grouping together yellow blooms in different varieties, like dahlias, daffodils and billy balls, florals instantly take on a brighter and more contemporary look. Design by

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

Winter White

White garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace and ranunculus altogether give the feel of a frosted winter wonderland, and they bring a natural element to the table’s sage and ivory color palette. Create small arrangements in vintage silver vases and bowls, then place along the wooden runner. Design by

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

Not So Serious

Stunning for spring, a few beautiful calla lillies in an interesting grouping of old colored bottles exudes a fun, relaxed vibe.

Photo By: Eric LimAn

Branch Out

Display a beautiful low grouping of flowers with stunning branches to mix things up as well as allow guests to see each other better from all sides of the table.

Photo By: Big Cheese Photo

Nod to Nautical

Nothing says beach wedding like a mini ship in a bottle, but if this project seems too advanced for your DIY skills, consider including a message in a bottle instead.

Lovely and Local

If your wedding will be in a tropical location, take advantage of the local flora and introduce guests to exciting new blooms on each table.

Photo By: r_drewek

Candelabra Combo

Want candles and flowers but don't have enough table space? Incorporate your flowers around a traditional candelabra for a colorful, romantic display.

Photo By: Zsolt Farkas

Vintage Elegance

If you're planning a sophisticated southern wedding, local flowers in vintage milk jugs will make a major statement.

Photo By: Shannan Thompson

So Cloche

Show off your theme, and put your favorite items on display by incorporating classic cloches on every table. Book risers, as seen here, are a great idea for literary lovers.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Swimming in Sophistication

For absolute elegance, an all-white floral arrangement with gorgeous baby's breath draped over the side cannot be beat.

Photo By: Gordana Sermek

Lots of Lavender

Can't you just smell that relaxing summer scent? A simple pot of lavender on each table is sure to evoke happy feelings for your guests. Bonus? That purple hue is amazing!

Photo By: Zsolt Farkas

Personal Touch

Give each guest a dazzling arrangment of their own with a mini vase full of lavender cuttings. Add each guest's name to the vases for instant name cards.

Photo By: DHSphoto

Glass Half Full

Skip the traditional vases and opt for a more fun arrangement by putting your flowers in oversized martini glasses.

Photo By: Kieren-Welch

Intricate and Edible

You may be used to giving fruit baskets as gifts, but a basket as beautiful and intricate as this one is meant to be on full display.

Photo By: sutsaiy

Something Simple

Wood cuttings and wildflowers are the perfect centerpiece option for a rustic, woodsy wedding. The cuttings can even double as table markers.

Photo By: joshuaraineyphotography



You can also reduce costs by stripping down the amount of blooms in bouquets, centerpieces and table settings. “Pad” your bouquets with unique foliage, herbs, fruits and veggies. For table settings, try wrapping small potted plants in burlap – you can give them away as gifts later or plant them in your garden.

23 Alternatives to Flowers

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Felted Florals

A hand crafted, felt wedding bouquet is a beautiful way to create flowers that will last a lifetime. You can choose your own flowers, your own colors, and your own arrangement to create a unique bouquet that will be treasured for years to come. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Produce Piled High

For a simple but beautiful non-floral centerpiece, spray paint a compote or urn bright gold. Fill the compote with clementines and garnish with fresh mint sprigs for a centerpiece that infuses the table with beautiful color — and makes for a delicious snack or dessert for guests.

©She-n-He Photography

The Most Beautiful Salad, Ever

Imagine the oohs-and-aahs you’ll hear when you walk down the aisle with an unexpected edible bouquet. Even better if the ingredients were grown in your garden. This stunner incorporates spray roses and amaranthus with okra and green onions. See More Fab Florals for the Foodie >>

Jewels and Baubles

Brooch bouquets can make your special day everlasting because they can be kept for years to come. Incorporate family heirlooms into the arrangement as a reminder of those who are there to support you every step of the way. Take a look at the instructions. Design by Sarah Brobst.

©Sarah Brobst

Kumquats and Jasmine

Vibrant orange brings a whimsical burst of color to a traditional pinstripe background. Design by Kelly Marie Thompson of Fleur Inc.

©Jeremy Lawson Photography

Crazy for Candlelight

White candles housed in a stunning gold and glass lantern create a simple and charming tablescape.

Add Feathers

If you just can't go without a romantic flower arrangement, accentuate with unconventional elements. Here, light and airy feathers complete an ethereal bride's bouquet.

©Kat Flower

Natural Textures

Dahlias & ranunculus are accented with soft-green succulents and dusty miller greenery. Learn how to make this succulent bouquet >>

Plated Petals

Fabric flower pom-pom pins add individual drama to each setting and guests can wear them at the wedding or take them home as favors.

Pomegranate and Wheat

Sounds like the ingredients for a great craft beer, but they also make for a striking boutonniere.

Crepe Paper Canopy

Adorn an arbor or wedding canopy with pretty paper roses. They’re easy to make and longer-lasting than real flowers so no worrying about wilting flowers before the ceremony or reception. Get the instructions. Design by Camille Styles. 

©Jessica Peterson

Potted Perfection

No florals necessary! Every bit as pretty as a traditional bouquet, a potted cabbage centerpiece steals the show in this autumn tablescape.

Photo By: Evin Photography

A Little Rustic Touch

A succulent, eucalyptus, lavender and dusty miller leaf are cinched together with twine to make this handsome boutonniere. Design by Lauryl Lane.

©2011 Desi Baytan Photography

Paper Bouquet

Wedding flowers don’t have to cost a fortune. Paper bouquets are a budget-friendly alternative, they’re fun to make and they’ll last a lot longer than real flowers. Learn how to make paper flowers. Design by Jess Abbott. 

Cotton-Pickin' Handsome

This gorgeous cotton boutonniere includes silver brunia berries and willow branches for homespun chic. Design by Lauryl Lane.

©Jasmine Star

Crazy for Cotton

Cotton stems are striking when displayed in large bunches. We especially love how these rustic stems are arranged in an antique ice bucket.

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Dough Bowl Beauty

This gorgeous doughbowl filled with pine cones, mini pumpkins and green apples stylishly brings the outdoors in. Learn how to make this stunning centerpiece >>

Garden Variety

Fruits and vegetables are mixed with greenery to make a colorful and tasty centerpiece.

Succulent Bouquet

Silvery-white ornamental plants are mixed with dusty miller and round seed pods to make this eye-catching arrangement.

©Krista Jon

Paper Rosebud Party Streamers

Line the walls of your wedding venue with strands of rosebud garland. They’re easy to make and not too expensive; you’ll need scrapbook paper and grosgrain ribbon. To make a bunch, invite your girlfriends over, offer them some wine and snacks then show them how to cut and roll the rosebuds. Fun will ensue. Download the instructions

Forest Inspired

This evergreen boutonniere makes a fetching accessory for a winter wedding or a woodsy event.

Earthy Look

Against the groom's herringbone jacket, olive branch leaves, wax flower and seeded eucalyptus create an attractive lapel arrangement.

"Berry" Nice

The fine details in this fresh berry and stems boutonniere are oh-so elegant.

Photo By: Style Me Pretty/ Simply Sarah Photography

Fruitful Centerpiece

Fresh produce becomes a stunning centerpiece when displayed on a two-tiered cake plate. Recreate this tablescape >>

Groomsmen Grains

Wheat and feathers are accompanied by tiny white berries and secured with a tiny piece of raffia.

Photo By: Gracie Blue Photography ©Gracie Blue Photography

Illuminated Grapevine Spheres

For a simple, high-impact arrangement, try these grapevine spheres illuminated by strands of dainty fairy lights. Get the instructions >>

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Beautiful Berries

Large, fresh cut bunches of white and red coffee berry make a stunning statement for a fall or winter wedding.

©Rustic White Photography

The Cake



Photo by: MorganTheCreator


The cake will probably be the most thought you've ever put into a single dessert. Try a stripped down cake with a fun topper that you can make with inexpensive craft store items — like these adorable wooden chairs decorated with a veil and hat.

Fun Wedding Cake Toppers

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Just Beachy

Fun for a wedding on the coast or great for a couple who simply loves the beach, a couple of brightly-painted beach chairs look just right on top of Design Star Meg Caswell's "sandy" wedding cake.

Photo By: Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images ©Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images for HGTV

Love Birds

These adorable fabric birds can be custom made or you can order a kit to create your own. The bird stands can also be personalized and the bride and grooms attire can even be duplicated on the birdies.

©Design by Le Petit Oiseau

Party Flags

A simple project that makes a big (and sparkly!) statement, these easy-to-make party flags from Something Turquoise are the perfect cake toppers to really get guests in the celebratory mood.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Picture Perfect

Bring old-school charm to the reception with fun polaroid shots of the bride and groom, like this creative cake shot by Jenny Ebert Photography.

Photo By: 1. Art Beauty Life: Jenny Ebert Photography

Toy Toppers

It may be your wedding day, but that doesn't mean you can't act like a kid! Choose a favorite toy from the past (LEGOs? Barbies? Matchbox cars?), and adorn your cake with them for a fun, personal touch.

Photo By: Robert Crum

Cultural Toppers

These peg dolls dressed in traditional African clothing are a great fit for the bride and groom who are celebrating their heritage. Toppers can be customized in an Indian sari, Scottish kilts, Japanese kimonos and more. You can custom order these toppers or purchase a kit to make your own. Design by Creative Butterfly XOX

Paper Flowers

For a gorgeous floral wedding cake topper that you can keep for years to come, why not try your hand at an arrangement made of painted tissue paper? Get the instructions here.

Wire Writing

Save money and create an impressive wire design for the top of your cake that looks like a million bucks. Get the step-by-step instructions

©The Photo Love

Keep It Simple

If you're going for a rustic vibe, sometimes basic is the best way to go, as was the case with this simple cake that features two unpainted wooden pegs and DIY bunting.

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Deer-ly Beloved

Another adorable option is this cute deer couple, complete with bowtie and veil. Find this sweet pair at MorganTheCreator's Etsy shop.

Photo By: MorganTheCreator


Using strips of colorful craft paper, toothpicks and a glue gun, you can create cupcake pinwheel toppers. For a vintage twist, personalize your cupcake toppers with antique buttons — maybe a few from your mother's wedding dress. Learn how to make these. Design by Kellan Studios.

Fresh Blooms

Great for a spring wedding, fresh flowers are an easy way to add color and texture to your cake in a natural, organic way. Edible flowers such as lavender or violets are the perfect choice!

Photo By: Mick Telkamp

Peg People DIY Kit

Custom order a set of these peg dolls to be a perfect match of you and your betrothed. They are hand-painted with non-toxic paint. For those who would like to create their own custom peg doll, Goose Grease offers DIY cake topper kits.

Put a Bird on It

A darling pair of love birds wearing a top hat and veil are a sweet addition to this three-tiered amaretto cake.

Inseparable Insects

Don't bug out. This cute grasshopper duo is just a plastic version of its happily-hopping counterpart, and it would make the perfect out-of-the-box topper for a nature-loving couple.

Photo By: Thinkstock ©(c) Thinkstock

Icing on the Cake

This yummy-looking cake by Umpleby’s Bakery & Café in Hanover, New Hampshire proves that simple roses made of icing can be just as stunning as a pricey, store-bought cake topper. Bonus: this version is totally edible!

Photo By: Aaron Watson Photography

Paper Likeness

For pieces that are reflective of you and your partner, Concarta offers customized paper sculptures designed to match your likeness, down to every detail, including the flowers. Simply send a photo of you and your partner and include any special details about your wedding. Design by Angela Belt.

©Wayne Lawrence Photography

Winter Wonderland

For a holiday wedding, create a winter wonderland on top of your cake. Made from ice-cream cones and sugar candy, these trees would make any cake sparkle. Download the instructions. Design by The Cake Blog.

Photo By: Half Baked,

Country Chic

If your style is more western than beachy, these mini log chairs might be more up your alley. You can find these cute chairs and more like them at MorganTheCreator's Etsy shop.

Photo By: MorganTheCreator

In Season

Another great idea for a holiday wedding is adorning your cake with a cluster of decadent and delicious sugared cranberries, an unexpected bright bit of color that tastes like candy. Get the recipe here.

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Candied Catchphrase

A cute and sweet message in a bonbon is a great way to top your DIY wedding cake. Just glue your message to a toothpick, insert it in the candy, and place your candy on top of the cake. Voila!

Photo By: mocdzi

Letter Toppers

For a simple cake topper with a touch of glamour, create these glitter monograms. Use the first-name initials of the happy couple to celebrate their union. Design by Evie S.

Clay Critters

Learn to make your own custom wedding cake toppers in any shape you like using polymer clay. Try two darling mice as seen here, or invent your own cake topper masterpiece. Get directions here.

Photo By: Sibin Arsenijevic

Fun With Flags

This cake couldn't be any cuter with its flag cake topper and adorable bunting climbing all the way up the cake.

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

The Drinks



©She-n-He Photography

She-n-He Photography

Buckets for Beverages

Buckets for Beverages

What's cooler than a cooler? A galvanized metal bucket, of course.

What's cooler than a cooler? A galvanized metal bucket, of course.

Though the actual beverages will depend on your preferences, serve your wedding drinks up in style with some fun containers. Mason jars are the go-to vessel, but also try milk bottles, jam jars or even mint julep cups. Alternatively, beer lovers and soda enthusiasts can serve drinks right out of the original container — serve them on ice in galvanized buckets. Don't forget the bottle opener!

Signature Cocktails

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Kid Friendly

Pay homage to a throwback summertime favorite with refreshing cherry limeades. Made with fresh-squeezed lime juice, sugar, club soda and maraschino cherry juice, this drink is simple to put together and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser among children and adults alike.

©She-n-He Photography

In Mint Condition

There's nothing like a splash of bourbon to combat the summer heat and turn up the fun! Propose a toast to Southern tradition by pouring ice-cold mint juleps in (what else?) silver mint julep cups, and top them with fresh sprigs of mint.

©She-n-He Photography

Drinks From Afar

Some of the best beers are imported from the Middle East and Far East, and offering these beverages at your party can add a fun element of the exotic for your guests. Check your local liquor stores for availability of imported beer, and serve bottles iced down in large galvanized buckets for guests to help themselves.

©She-n-He Photography

Shaken, Not Stirred

Cool down in true Palm Springs fashion with thirst-quenching Harvey Wallbangers. Simply mix 2 parts vodka, 1 part Galliano and 5 parts orange juice, then garnish generously with fresh orange slices for a cocktail that'll keep guests coming back for seconds and thirds.

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

Raise Your Glass

What's a celebration without bubbly? Serve chilled champagne in mismatched vintage flutes, sourced from your favorite antiques shop or even an heirloom family collection. Create celebratory drink flags by attaching craft paper to wooden skewers and handwriting “Cheers!” on each one. Watch the toasts begin!

©She-n-He Photography

Spot of Tea

It’s customary in Morocco to follow large meals with boldly flavored mint tea, and it also happens to make a terrific party idea. To make, simply steep loose green tea and boiling water in a Moroccan-style teapot, then stir in sugar and mint sprigs and allow to steep for a few minutes. Serve in beautifully gilded glass cups.

©She-n-He Photography

Keeping Warm

Nothing says winter coziness like a piping hot glass of cocoa. Allow guests to be their own mixologists: set up a hot cocoa bar stocked with toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, crushed peppermints and cinnamon sticks. For the adults, decanters with Frangelico and amaretto allow them to turn their concoctions into grown-up treats.

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

Big Kids

Nothing says summertime in the country like a tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade. Guests will be taken back in time as they quench their thirst with this nostalgic favorite. For the adults, kick it up a few notches with a splash of vodka and dress up each glass with a few sprigs of freshly picked thyme.

©She-n-He Photography

Holiday Fizz

For an irresistible winter cocktail that's sure to keep the party alive, serve sparkling cranberry cocktails in etched vintage glassware. Simply mix 1 part cranberry juice with 1 part sparkling wine, garnish with fresh cranberries and prepare to toast the night away.

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

Bottoms Up

For a specialty cocktail that screams summertime, serve a refreshing brew of homemade sweet tea mixed with raspberry vodka. Strain into retro glassware and garnish with fresh mint and raspberries for an irresistible combination.

Photo By: © ©She-n-He Photography

The Wedding Favors



Photo by: Gracie Blue Photography ©Gracie Blue Photography

Gracie Blue Photography, Gracie Blue Photography



Everyone loves bubbles.

©Janie Medley Flora Design

Janie Medley Flora Design

Everyone loves bubbles.

Thanking your loved ones doesn't have to cost a fortune. Flower seeds are an easy option that come with a bonus: Your friends and family can send you photos once they bloom to remind you of your special day. Another option is to give out bubbles — you can buy large packages of them online or in party supply stores. Adults and children alike can't resist them, plus they'll make for some amazing photos.

DIY Wedding Favors

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After Dinner Coffee

When the reception is over, send guests on their way with your favorite coffee beans. Bonus? These darling free downloads from Something Turquoise really up the cute factor.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Potted Succulents

Great for centerpieces and favors alike, potted succulents are a wedding trend that is only getting more popular with time. Don't forget to personalize them like Chelsea Costa of Lovely Indeed did here by painting the pots with your wedding colors!

Farm-Fresh Display

For a rustic wedding, store your seed packets in an old wheelbarrow with a cute sign as seen here.

Photo By: Gracie Blue Photography ©Gracie Blue Photography

Pretty Little Packages

Each one of these sweet and elegant little boxes is filled with homemade cookies in the same flavor as the wedding cake. Visit Etsy for original box kits like this that can be put together by you and your wedding party.

©Courtesy of Angela Belt; Photography by Wayne Lawrence

Sew Cute

These delightful DIY sewing kits are so simple to make, and they are great to keep in a purse or car for fashion emergencies. Learn how to make them at Something Turquoise.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Cotton Candy

Send guests home with a sweet and nostalgic treat when you string a clothesline with bags of delicious cotton candy. Photo courtesy of Tim Robison Creative

Photo By: Tim Robison Creative

Spice Things Up

Show guests that you know how to think outside of the box by sending them home with a hot and spicy treat. Download the labels from Something Turquoise.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Lollipop Pics

Add taste to your special day by putting an edible image on a sweet treat. Use your save-the-date or engagement photo to make the personalized pops. Lollipics come in 19 different colors and patterns in 11 different yummy flavors.

Photo By: Picasa ©LolliPics

Plant a Tree

Give a gift that keeps on giving when you supply guests with a way to plant their very own Scotch pine tree. Make your own kit, or buy it premade from MorganTheCreator on Etsy.

Photo By: MorganTheCreator

Cocktail Creations

Let guests take home a taste of your signature wedding drink by filling cute jars with dried rosebuds and a recipe for a Rose and Mint Champagne Cocktail. Get the recipe here.

Macaron Morsels

Decadent and delicious, bite-size Tiffany-blue macarons are the perfect sweet treat to give guests for the drive home. Get the recipe here.

Hand Stamped, Mail Ordered

If you love the idea of giving out coffee beans as favors, but you just don't have the time to do it yourself, you can even buy the beans already roasted and in custom-stamped packaging from AproprosRoasters.

Catch the Wind

For an outdoor wedding, how about a lighthearted pinwheel to catch the breeze? Make pinwheels to match the wedding's color palette, and include the name of the couple and the date of the wedding. Blank paper pinwheels can be purchased from Paper Source, along with ribbon, paint, stamps and more.

©Courtesy of Angela Belt; Photography by Wayne Lawrence

Fresh Fruit

Great for a summer wedding, fresh fruit is a healthy treat everyone can enjoy. For an extra-special touch, package seasonal goodies in cute color-coordinated boxes, like these ladybug boxes from

Photo By:

Air Plants

Even easier to care for than succulents, air plants make a great wedding favor (and place holder) even for those without a green thumb. You can find these rustic beauties on thisfineday's Etsy shop.

Photo By: thisfineday

Ocean and Air

If you love the idea of air plants but prefer a more nautical look, place your plant in a sea urchin shell for an instant ocean effect. Or, simply buy them from peacocktaco on Etsy.

Photo By: peacocktaco

Mocha Magic

For a favor your guests will be anxious to use, make your own mocha latte mix in super cute test tubes. Find instructions and download the free label from Something Turquoise.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Seed Packets

Create your own custom seed packets out of old magazines, cards or other paper. Simply fill with seeds from your (or a friend's) garden for an inexpensive favor inspired by nature. Learn to make the packets here.

To-Go Boxes Full of Treats

Personalize the favor boxes by using a thin strip of grosgrain ribbon in your wedding colors. A sticker with your initials can be a nice finishing touch.

Photo By: {Lauren S. Myers} ©Courtesy of Myers Maison; Photography Marlo Herring

Candy Buffet

Place favor boxes by the dessert bar and have guests fill them with treats. Customize the bar with the wedding color palette or the color of the season. For a December wedding, use white candy and striped peppermints. The fun is finding the perfect desserts to match your color palette.

©Courtesy of Myers Maison; Photography Marlo Herring

Natural Elements

These monogram bags are made simply using paper bags, chalkboard tags and raffia. Place some sweet treats inside so guests can have something to enjoy after the wedding.

©Courtesy of A Little Happy; Photography Lizzie Ford-Madrid

Double-Duty Terrarium

A charming place holder that doubles as a sweet party favor, this DIY terrarium place holder via Green Wedding Shoes is the perfect, easy craft that is sure to impress your guests.

Photo By: Green Wedding Shoes

Musical Memories

A CD with a custom label that includes the bride and groom’s initials is a wonderful favor. Include songs from the wedding reception as a reminder of the special day.


Savory Treat

Walnut-Rosemary Olive Bread: yum. Invite guests to break the bread with you and your new spouse with these sweet and savory loaves. Get the recipe here.

Souvenir Favor

For a destination wedding, look for favors that do double-duty. A Caribbean wedding uses cast-iron airplanes as place cards and favors for guests. Baker's twine is simply attached to a piece of card stock and then tied to the plane.

©Courtesy of, Photography by Sungold Photography

Homemade Lip Balm

Cheaper and safer (no mystery chemicals!) than store-bought lip balm, homemade beeswax lip balm is a great wedding favor for men and women alike, especially during fall and winter weddings. Learn how to make your own lip balm here.

A Little Glitz

Send guests home with a little sparkle. Glitter-dipped cooking spoons are a useful, glam favor that will remind guests of all the fun they had at your wedding every time they cook! Get the full tutorial from Something Turquoise.

Photo By: Something Turquoise

Candy Holders

Place cards are inserted into Ferrero Rocher candies for a tasty display. To create your own candy seating card, use stirrer sticks and affix labels with the name and table number on them. Then simply push the stick through the center of the candy.

©Courtesy of Tracie Strahan-Elvi

Tiny Bubbles

Give the bride and groom a sweet send-off with mini party bubbles. To tie the bubbles in with theme of the wedding, place them in small favor bags. Find the bubbles at Oriental Trading Company.

©Janie Medley Flora Design

Pickled Produce

Do you love to garden? Try pickling your produce to give guests a charming country treat and to make sure none of your bountiful veggies go to waste.

Country Classic

Great as a vase and perfect to send home with family and friends, personalized Mason jars are just the thing for a rustic country wedding. Make your own or buy a set from David's Bridal.

Sugar and Spice

Give guests a sweet treat that will make it past the car and into some of their favorite dishes with a cute set of infused spices. 

Photo By: Buff Strickland ©Buff Strickland

For more handmade wedding decor ideas, check out these links:

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