Hey, Good Looking! Garden Boots With Kick

A pair of comfy, washable garden boots can be your best outdoor companion.

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Am I the only one subject to waves of melancholy when boot season is over? I am a serious boot junkie and nothing is quite as easy and fun to wear in the winter months than a good pair.

Garden Boots

Garden Boots

These Muckster Ankle Boots are waterproof and extra-comfy.

Photo by: Muckster


These Muckster Ankle Boots are waterproof and extra-comfy.

But I've got good news: if you're a gardener, you get to wear boots All. Year. Round. You heard me right. So bring out those ankle and knee-high galoshes and get out in the garden pronto.

My favorite boots are not only comfortable, but have a little style for some extra kick. And boot-makers are adding in all sorts of cool new features to their gardening boots, from flat-folding packable boots for your garden tour travel to boots with anti-stink technology.

Footloose + Fancy

Farm-Ready Footwear
Farm-Ready Footwear

Hard-Working Garden Shoes

A recent, happy discovery: Muckster boots, which are waterproof, accented with fun colors and are so darn comfortable you'll feel like you're wearing your bedroom slippers in the garden. I'm of the mind that the same colorful neon accents you see cropping up in exercise gear all the time (and featured in these cute neon pink and purple Muckster ankle boots) will soon make their way to garden gear. I think we're going to see a new generation of gardeners looking for cool, high-performance gear to sport when trellising their peas and spreading mulch. In other words, something for women and men beyond overalls and floppy floral hats (not that I don't rock both now and then.) Just a theory.

In the meantime, as a longtime garden editor, below is a round up of some of my favorite garden boots and shoes, most of them good-looking enough that you'll be looking for excuses to dash to town in them ("Oh, these? I was just dividing my daylilies") or praying for a good rain storm so you can wear them out and about.

Cute Boot Alert

Try These Babies on for Size
Try These Babies on for Size

Great Garden Boots

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