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Using Space Wisely: Secrets From Professional Chefs

Learn tips about kitchen design from people who make their living cooking (a lot) for others.

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Photo 4 of 4This pre-Civil War stone barn was built in Valley Forge and then moved, stone by stone, to a new location. Though modern conveniences were added to the kitchen, it still has plenty of antique charm. (Design by Dave Stimmel.)

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Tip #7
Finally, think about the floor. Chef Bogartz speaks from experience: "If you plan on spending a lot of time in the kitchen, be certain that your legs and feet do not pay the price of inexpensive flooring materials," he says. "The floor should be an easy-to-clean surface." Comfortable and eco-friendly options include cork and recycled rubber. Or soften your step by placing a thick, washable rug at work areas.