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Using Space Wisely: Secrets From Professional Chefs

Learn tips about kitchen design from people who make their living cooking (a lot) for others.

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Photo 2 of 4The oversized refrigerator in this Old World-designed kitchen is camouflaged with wood panels that coordinate with the cabinetry. A rustic pot rack stores cookware within reach. (Design by Suzanne Furst)

Decide What is Necessary(2 of 4)

Tip #2
Deron Little, chef and managing partner of Season's Cafe and Webster's Deli in Farragut, Tenn., says to carefully consider refrigeration while designing your kitchen. Think about the amount of space needed to keep your household's cold things cold and frozen things frosty.

Tip #3
Consider your cooking styles and plan for necessary equipment, he suggests. Do you make big breakfasts? You may want a large built-in griddle and a professional-grade cappuccino maker. If you entertain often, consider double ovens and an oversized cooktop. If you're a wine connoisseur, think about building in a wine refrigerator. Think about how many small appliances you use daily. Decide whether you want to allocate counter space for a juicer, blender, toaster, coffeemaker or other equipment.

Tip #4
When it comes to storing cookware, Chef Little is a fan of pot racks. "I would recommend hanging the sauté pans," he says. "This frees up shelving and helps decorate the kitchen."

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