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Using Space Wisely: Secrets From Professional Chefs

Learn tips about kitchen design from people who make their living cooking (a lot) for others.

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Photo 1 of 4With its functional layout and use of stainless steel, a material that's easy to clean and sanitize, this modern space is reminiscent of a chef's kitchen. (Design by Rouzita Vahhabaghai. Photo by Maxwell Mackenzie.)

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Award-winning chef Bruce Bogartz, proprietor of RouxBarb restaurant in Knoxville, Tenn., has managed his share of kitchens. His overriding philosophy toward design is simple. "No space in a kitchen should be wasted or be purely aesthetic," he says.

Function should be the number-one goal when designing a new space or remodeling an old one. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice beautiful design for function. Just consider function and determine layout first. Being successful in the restaurant business requires a well-laid-out and well-appointed kitchen. Professional chefs have to make the best use of space to ensure that tasks can be performed efficiently and that food is served to the customer hot and tasty, despite the hustle and bustle. What advice would busy chefs offer the home cook? We asked them.

Tip #1
Don't forget about the small stuff that could cause large headaches later, Chef Bogartz says. "There are so many tasks performed in a kitchen, a number of which you would not even predict. Be as proactive as possible with nooks and shelves, hooks, garbage receptacles, sinks, faucets, power outlets, etc."

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