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Think Outside the Triangle

From work zones to feng shui, our experts weigh in on the latest trends in kitchen design.

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Photo 2 of 3Kitchens are being designed with the three different zones in mind more often.

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Jeff also offers a variety of inspiring options for nontriangular kitchen zoning in smaller spaces. "A galley works great," he says, "even if only on one wall. The opposite wall can be open to an adjacent living or dining space, or be set up as floor-to-ceiling storage, or as a casual dining space. At each end of the galley, you could have large openings or glass partitions opening up to views, artwork, other living areas or the outdoors: a look that works well with contemporary cabinetry and finishes, or with a mid-century modern aesthetic."

A similar option could be the aptly named "efficiency kitchen," with fridge, sink, countertop and stove in sequence. This set-up allows you basically to pull the carrots from the fridge, wash them, slice them and throw them in the pot to boil, all while barely moving a single step. Talk about efficient.

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