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Kitchen Lighting and Flooring

Lighting is extremely important in a kitchen because you want to have functional light and mood light. Host Jeff Wilson shares the different options for kitchen lighting and flooring.

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hardwood is another option for kitchen floor
Photo 6 of 6A hardwood floor is another option for kitchen flooring, but must be protected against water damage and staining.

Hardwood Flooring(6 of 6)

Hardwood floors can also be used in the kitchen, but like slate, they need to be sealed to protect them from water damage and staining.

Cork flooring is another natural material that's easy to install -- and because there is a spring to it the comfort level on the feet is high.

Design Tip: Before laying down kitchen flooring, consider placing the flooring diagonally. Since everything is linear, at a 90-degree angle and straight in the kitchen, the diagonal flooring usually breaks up the look, which results in a unique design.