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Learn the Basics About Kitchen Appliances (page 2 of 2)

The right appliance can make an enormous difference to the way you use and enjoy your kitchen. With so many models and styles of appliances available, it is important to research before you buy.

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Cooking and Warming Appliances

Cooking appliances are grouped into two general categories based upon their energy source: electric and gas. The other important selection criteria are based upon where and how you plan to install the appliances. There are stoves that integrate into the countertop, ovens that integrate into the wall and cabinets, and then there are freestanding oven ranges.

Electric Stove
Electric stoves can be smooth, which make them easier to clean. They are offered in a variety of burner configurations.

Gas Stove
Offered in various burner configurations and designs, gas stoves offer instant heat. Some offer integrated trivets or special burners for woks.

Wall Oven
This double wall oven integrates into the surrounding cabinets. It's offered in standard widths of 24, 27 and 30 in.

Free-Standing Oven
Usually less expensive than wall ovens, free-standing ovens include a gas or electric range with the oven in one unit.

Used to circulate air and prevent condensation and cooking odors in the kitchen, hoods can be stylish kitchen features.

Warming Drawer
Warming drawers can be installed under a stove or under a wall oven. They are offered with variable temperature controls.

Microwave Ovens

New to most homes in the 1980s, the microwave oven has since become a standard kitchen feature. They can be mounted above your gas or electric oven or may be freestanding on the kitchen counter.

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Waste Disposal

Garbage disposals and trash compactors offer solutions to handling the waste created during food preparation. Always unplug the compactor and turn off the disposal’s circuit before attempting any repairs.

Garbage Disposal Unit
Once a luxury, now garbage disposals are fairly standard in new home construction.

Trash Compactor
Decreasing the load on landfills, trash compactors are available in finishes that match most kitchens.

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