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How to Turn a Kitchen Backsplash into a Message Board

Make your backsplash a functional part of your kitchen by turning it into a message center. It's simple — just paint the drywall, cover it with Plexiglas then use liquid chalk to write your message.

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Step 3: Score and Snap Plexiglas

Use a Plexiglas scoring knife and a drywall square (as a guide) to score the Plexiglas along the marked lines. You will need to score it deeply and then turn it over and do it on the other side.
When you have scored both sides, place the scored line along the edge of a table (not a round-edge table) and gently wiggly back and forth until the Plexiglas snaps. Do not force it; if it does not easily break, you will need to score it some more.



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