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How to Turn a Kitchen Backsplash into a Message Board

Make your backsplash a functional part of your kitchen by turning it into a message center. It's simple — just paint the drywall, cover it with Plexiglas then use liquid chalk to write your message.

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Step 1: Make a Template

Create a template of the backsplash using brown paper, a marker and a tape measure. Make sure to capture the exact size of the backsplash. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut the paper so that the outside edge will be the edge for the Plexiglas. Lay the paper template onto the Plexiglas and tape it down with painter's tape. (Do not remove the plastic coating from the Plexiglas — you don't want to damage or scratch it.) Use a marker and a framing square to carefully outline the template, including electrical boxes.



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