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How to Repair Common Kitchen Mishaps and Accidents

Learn how to tackle problems that may bubble up in the kitchen like a clogged disposal, dripping faucet or burned countertop.

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Rip in Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is another builder's staple for kitchens, and with updates in designs and textures it remains popular. But it still has a weakness: tearing. Moving a large appliance, especially one that has been in place for a while, can create quite a rip if it catches the vinyl just right. One fix is to apply a vinyl flooring adhesive and re-lay the ripped section back down, assuming this section is still attached and the rip follows a natural line in the flooring design. Make sure the underlayment and vinyl flooring are clean, and follow the manufacturer's directions for open time. For ragged rips or sections that have been torn off the flooring, you'll need to do a patch job with a fresh section of vinyl. Hopefully, your flooring is in stock at a home center, or you have leftover flooring from when it was initially put down. Use a utility knife to cut a clean section (following lines in the design) in the old flooring and cut a matching piece from the new or leftover flooring. Use flooring adhesive to attach the new piece. To fill any seams, try using a caulk that matches the flooring color at the seam lines.

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