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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets With a Sprayed-On Finish (page 2 of 2)

In just a few simple steps, transform low-cost, ready-made cabinets into designer statement pieces.

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Spray Primer

Wearing dust mask and using paint sprayer and quart of tinted primer or can of spray primer and spray-can handle, add an even coat of primer to the cabinet and door fronts. TIP: Using tinted primers when working with bold colors ensures a better finish and also cuts down on the number of coats needed.

Spray Bold Color

With semigloss or high-gloss paint loaded into paint sprayer and wearing a dust mask, add first coat of bold paint to cabinet, ensuring even coverage of the interior and exterior. To ensure proper coverage, move left and right from top to bottom in a slow, controlled manner. Allow approximately three hours for first coat to cure, then repeat this process to apply second coat.

Attach Hardware

Once paint is dry to the touch, attach new hardware into the pre-drilled holes using screwdriver or wrench.

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