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Hot Zones in the Kitchen

Spice up your cooking area with these tricks

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Photo 2 of 4To accent this Craftsman-style kitchen, the vent hood has been artfully camouflaged in hand-made glass and stainless steel mosaic tiles.

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Incorporate Storage Solutions
The quartz tile backsplash features a recessed area to hold cooking essentials, while drawers underneath keep utensils handy.

Vary Surfaces
The shiny glass cooktop stands out against earthy, textured tiles and frosted-glass cabinets.

Examine the Surrounding Cabinetry
Another way to make the stove area stand out is to create contrast. If you're buying a new appliance, a sleek black model will pop against simple white cabinets. Embellish and enhance function in the cooking zone by fitting each side of the stove with built-in niches or simple shelves. For the adjacent cabinets, think beyond standard wooden doors. "Cabinetry with glass-panel doors will add depth and also keep items visible while protecting them from stove spatters," says Troxell.

Make it Efficient
Accessories such as wall-mounted swing-out pot fillers can add form as well as function. Place the fixture to the side of the stove or in the middle of the backsplash. To save yourself from lugging a heavy pot to the main sink to dump the water after you've finished cooking, Penna suggests installing a second sink about 2 feet away from the stove. Add a simple stainless steel rail, which comes with clips, to hang utensils such as spatulas and whisks. "Attach one under a cabinet or on either side of the stove to avoid reaching over hot burners," says Denker.

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