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Guide to Creating an Eclectic Kitchen

This design links unexpected elements in a cohesive look.

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Unifying With Color

Use one common design thread, like color, to pull an eclectic look together. Design by Gail Drury.

In creating an eclectic kitchen, it's especially important to find a common design thread among the items you incorporate. Because the kitchen often serves as the family’s activity hub, it tends to collect extra clutter. If your design is incoherent, the result can be chaos. On the other hand, going eclectic can be a supremely fun and creative challenge. Coming up with a distinctive design that works visually and celebrates your varied personal tastes can be quite satisfying.

Looking for a way to link disparate items? Color can be a great unifier. If, for example, you like to mix and match dinnerware made of different materials or from different time periods, linking the pieces with a single color (neutral tones are easiest) can have a pleasing effect.



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