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Budget Backsplash Project: Favorite Recipes on Display (page 1 of 2)

Learn how to turn a plain backsplash into a display of your favorite recipes. This low-cost project is perfect for renters because the backsplash can be taken down in just a few minutes.

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We covered a thin piece of plywood (luan) in burlap, then printed our favorite recipes on clear plastic. The recipes were then adhered to the burlap and the plywood panel attached to the wall.

Tools and Materials

measuring tape
glue gun with glue sticks
a 1/8" to 1/4" luan panel
spray adhesive
clear plastic sheets that can be used on a home printer (we used Grafix brand)
paper bags and a marker to make a template
optional: 1/2" wood trim for edge around the backsplash

Create a Template

Make a template of the backsplash area with a large piece of paper (we used paper bags taped together). Make an exact cut around edges and double-check the measurements.

Use the template to outline your cutting area on the luan panel.

Cut the Wood Panel

Use a jigsaw to cut the luan. Double-check measurements and make sure the panel fits properly in the backsplash space.

Cut the Burlap

Cut the burlap to the size of your wood panel. Leave about two inches extra around the edges so the material can be folded over the wood. (Burlap unravels, so it is best to cut extra.)

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