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Adding Color to the Kitchen

Seven simple solutions for livening up your most-used space

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Written by Suzanne Morrissey
Photographed by Ken Gutmaker

1. Dress the Table.

Invest in a new set of colorful dishware, or at least a few new place mats and a hue-happy table runner. Any of these choices brings more zing to a color scheme, and can easily be mixed and matched with your existing pieces.

2. Think Inside the Box.

Cabinets take up plenty of space in the kitchen, so take advantage of their prominence. Remove the doors and paint the inside a bright hue for a new look that can set the tone for the entire room.

3. Embrace Stains.

Many kitchens have an abundance of wood tones. Update cabinets, a tabletop or the floor with a color-tinted stain and keep the rich grain of the wood along with a new shade.

4. Go Large.

Even the biggest workhorses in the kitchen—the appliances—can help bring more color into your home. Check new collections for shiny color choices that move well beyond almond and white.

5. Pick One.

Feeling uneasy about selecting colors that work well together? Don’t fret. A monochromatic scheme packs a big style punch. Find a tone that speaks to you, and layer it in everywhere. Designer tip: When working with a single shade, be sure to include a few interesting textures for visual variety.

6. Make a Counter Offer.

Solid-surface countertop materials come in a rainbow of colors. Select one for the entire kitchen, or just update an island. Green move: Check out composite choices made with recycled materials like glass, which offers flecks of vibrant color.

7. Have a Seat.

Re-cover chair seats or a banquette with a bold new color. Happily, there’s a beautiful range of fabric options that are stain- and water-repellent.

—Courtesy of Kitchens and Baths

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