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3 Kitchen Makeovers, 3 Budgets

Smart strategies to help you get more for your money in the kitchen.

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Photo 8 of 11While custom-ordering cabinets is de rigueur when you can spend this type of money, this is also where you can personalize the detailing.

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Kitchen Makeover Strategy #3
Budget: $70,000 or Under
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Someone who plans to spend more than seven years in their house. Forget what potential buyers might want in a kitchen and think more about what your dream kitchen should include. "Most people put off what they want to do with their kitchen for too long," Costa says. At this price point, you can invest in what your ideal kitchen would have. Even at this cost, Costa reminds us, "Everyone cares about value, even at the high end."

Want ornate French country or Queen Anne-style moldings? Here’s where you can take the chance on more luxurious woods, like mahogany, and decorative styles. In fact, highly decorative or period styles, advises Costa, should only be chosen at this price point because, at the lower budget ends, the risk of authenticity is too high.

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