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3 Kitchen Makeovers, 3 Budgets

Smart strategies to help you get more for your money in the kitchen.

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Photo 5 of 11If you have the room, install an island, which will offer additional storage and provide more counter space for a cooktop or small prep sink.

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Kitchen Makeover Strategy #2
Budget: Spend $40,000 or Under
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Someone who plans to stay in their house three to seven years. At this price point, think about investing in cutting-edge, brand-name appliances and cabinetry with add-ons like rollout shelves. "To stretch your dollars, pick one area of the kitchen to really splurge on at this price range," Costa says.

Decorative options like glazes and moldings make stock cabinets an attractive choice. Installation is important as well. Consider raising low-hanging cabinets up another six inches to allow for undermounted appliances or racks for stemware to save interior cabinet space.

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