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Episode DKTN-607

Traditional home seeks modern kitchen. That pretty much sums up our next project. The stylish home was built in 1908 and still features the original woodwork, brick fireplace and built-in buffet. The kitchen however, was remodeled in the '80s and is now void of any charm or character. With our help, that's going to change. Now Tim, the homeowner, admits he's not the world's most handy guy. Shopping and decorating are his thing, painting and power tools? Not so much. But match him up with our Paul Ryan and anything is possible. Yes, we're not only transforming this kitchen but the homeowner as well! By the time we are done, the space will have an updated, urban vibe while still being warm and welcoming so as to compliment the rest of the house. The kitchen's wow-factor will simply be off the charts-and our homeowner will be transformed into a tried and true do-it-yourselfer! To maximize the countertop space in this kitchen, a built-in coffemaker is recessed in a wall cavity. A large, powerful vent fan replaces the outdated ceiling exhaust fan. And finally, Tim learns how to make his own countertops out of concrete.

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