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Episode DKTN-807

Toni is a single mom who mixes comedy and her legal practice in a business called "Fun with Law" which provides workshops, training and entertainment for lawyers. She's a very funny and energetic mother of an 11-year-old boy named Branch. She works out of her home (a 1930s Cape Cod style house) and since she spends so much time there, she'd love to update the kitchen. The original maple cabinets are great, but the peeling painted sub-floor, needs help. Her kitchen nook has been taken over by a makeshift recycling center and most meals are eaten at a tiny butcher-block cart in the center of the room. Plus, the range and refrigerator wall is in desperate need of cabinetry. A photo in a magazine inspired Toni, now we want to help her bring that look to her kitchen.


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