DIY Network

Log Cabin

Episode DKTN-505

Homeowner Geoff is five years into renovating a Finnish built lake cabin. Originally built on a larger plot of land in the 1920's, it was about to be destroyed to make way for a larger vacation home when Geoff caught wind of the situation. Deciding he could salvage it, Geoff purchased the cabin with the intent of moving it down the road to his family's property. He disassembled the cabin log by log, labeling each piece to aid in the reconstruction process. With the puzzle finally completed, Geoff is ready to begin working on the interior - and that's where we come in. In this episode we'll be putting in maple cabinets with modern features, a butcher block countertop and new appliances. A shelf is built out of an extra cabinet fill board and an antler chandelier is hung. The completed kitchen is all contemporary convenience yet retains the rustic feel that is intrinsic to the cabin's hand-crafted history.


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