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Loft -- Handmade Backsplash

Episode DKTN-508

This kitchen renovation takes us to an old building with an interesting history. It started out as a storefront and later became home to a baked bean factory. The current owners renovated the space and turned it into a loft style home. It's a great fit for Taylor, Suzanne & their three children - except for the makeshift kitchen. Currently they don't have a single cabinet for storage and very little counter space. We are going to make this into a more functional kitchen and turn it into a great space for the family to hang out. The final episode of this makeover begins with the installation of the solid surface countertop. With that in place, it's on to the handmade tile backsplash to which our homeowners have decide to add some of their favorite inspiring words. A vent and industrial appliances are installed and pendant lights finish the renovation.

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