DIY Network

Loft -- Glass Block Windows

Episode DKTN-506

This kitchen renovation takes us to an old building with an interesting history. It started out as a storefront and later became home to a baked bean factory. The current owners renovated the space and turned it into a loft style home. It's a great fit for Taylor, Suzanne & their three children - except for the makeshift kitchen. Currently they don't have a single cabinet for storage and very little counter space. We are going to make this into a more functional kitchen and turn it into a great space for the family to hang out. In this first of three episodes we clear out the mobile carts and dive into the first project - a line of glass block windows to let the light shine in. The windows are then trimmed out and a professional stone resurfacer is brought in to polish up a French baker's table. While that is happening, Paul and Suzanne replace the entry door into the kitchen.


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