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Contemporary Expansion — Lighting

Episode DKTN-402

Keith and Miquel are a young couple who live in a '50s rambler in the suburbs. When they moved in about a year ago they knew they had some wonderful features to work with, but the kitchen was another story. While it opens to the new family room, a wall blocked it off completely from the dining room, which is isolated and dark. The cabinets and appliances all feel very tired. Host Paul Ryan is going to help the homeowners open up their space and give their kitchen a cool, contemporary style.

In this second of four episodes, Paul and the homeowners tackle the extensive lighting plan. While the studs are still exposed, the lighting fixtures are installed and wired. An unexpected mold problem is discovered in the back wall and they go over the steps to combat the moisture problem.

Enjoy a short Video Preview of the kitchen's before-and-after design.

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