DIY Network

Dangerous in the Dark

Episode DKIM-610H

Tune In

  • June 15, 2014

    4:30 AM e/p

Eric and Jacquie Patterson have lived with their small and hazardous kitchen for five years. In the beginning they were fine with the space because it was for just the two of them. But since their daughter arrived, the pair has had enough and is ready for an update. As things are now, the garbage disposal rattles the room and the space has ugly fluorescent lighting. Plus, the couple is starting to realize that cooking in the dark can be dangerous! So Marc comes to their aid, teaching the pair how to brighten their space with lights both under and inside their cabinets. Plus, he demonstrates how to make a unique backsplash using acrylic and any fabric pattern, and how to install and care for a brand-new garbage disposal. The Pattersons should be able to enjoy their spacious kitchen while also feeling safe.


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