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Kelly Givens is a landscape architect who says her first interest in gardening began as a child while tending the garden at her grandparent's farm. Even then, she was amazed by how one small plot of land could produce enough vegetables and fruits for her family and several neighbors. A career in landscape architecture is the perfect fit for Kelly, who also holds a passion for art and the creative process. Landscape design is outdoor interior design for Kelly. In fact, two of her designs were featured twice nationally on HGTV's series, Landscape Solutions.

Kelly enjoys working closely with homeowners to help them realize their visions for their own personal outdoor living spaces. She believes with a good plan, a few tools and some words of encouragement, homeowners can add new life to their yard — even on a budget. And in many cases, she has taught her clients that this new life can also produce food. She has worked with novice gardeners to grow fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetable and herb gardens and now she brings that how-to instruction and enthusiasm to DIY Network's series, Fresh From the Orchard.