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When Jennifer Perkins's degree in psychology landed her a job as secretary, she decided to turn to her childhood passion: jewelry making. The first piece of jewelry she had ever made, excluding macaroni necklaces, was a pair of earrings with a travel-size toothbrush dangling from one ear and trial-sized toothpaste on the other. She won the fourth-grade science fair. By the time she got to college, she was making big necklaces with Milagros and semiprecious stones (she had come full circle from the macaroni). Now, with her web business, she combines all of her faves: music, pop culture and vintage goodies as well as her sassy jewelry and accessories sold at stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Jennifer and her crafts have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Elle Girl, Teen Vogue and numerous other publications. She is a founding member of the Austin Craft Mafia, whose purpose is to promote and support independent female-run craft-based businesses. Jennifer has extensive collections, among them Enid Collins purses, vintage costume jewelry, 1950s Oriental and Tiki memorabilia, bowling trophies and more. Jennifer's jewelry was featured in The Bad News Bears and 3001. But you don't have to wait until then. Just check out Craft Lab and Stylelicious to see what Jennifer's been up to!