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Zen Spa

Episode DIND-101

Dean and Derek transform a little-used backyard into an outdoor room for meditation & relaxation with the addition of a stone-path, seating area, sculpture, and an outdoor shower. Russ & Delilah Boidleau live a block from the beach, but have no outdoor space to enjoy all that fresh air - or to shower after a dip in the ocean! Now, with the help of Dean and Derek, Russ and his son are finally going to build Delilah her outdoor shower...and more. They add natural flagging to the entire area, an abundance of plants, and stone sculptures for an artistic flair. But to make this outdoor room look and feel like a room, they refurbish an old door and hang it at the entrance. They turn a crowded tight space into a spacious room with style, elegance, and art.

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