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Zen Den

Episode DIND-405H

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  • July 30, 2013

    7:30 AM e/p

Adam and Rockell are busy on-the-go homeowners living not far from Charleston South Carolina. And even though life can be hectic, they long for a room in their house that they can relax in and unwind. With a small house - but a large yard - it only makes sense to create a tranquil place outside for Adam and Rockell to enjoy the peace and quiet. Dean and Derek know just what to do - create a beautiful "zen den." To start, Dean and Derek work around a large beautiful oak tree by incorporating it into the design. They lay flagstone around it and purposely keep the joints wide for natural plantings. Alongside the patio, they put down several tons of river rock and install exotic lush plants. Above the patio, Dean and Derek build a pergola with sheer hanging curtains for privacy. They then add triangular planter boxes built-in to the base of each post. For atmosphere, they add outdoor lighting as well as a water feature made out of an old millstone. Comfortable furniture and plenty of candles turn this corner of Adam and Rockell's backyard into a perfectly private "zen den!"

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