DIY Network

Waterfront Hideaway

Episode DIND-411H

Dave and Lisa Ulgenalp have a lovely home on the water just outside of Tampa, FL, but with three kids and an active lifestyle, it's tough to find a place indoors for Dave and Lisa to escape too. Their backyard, however, has plenty of space and a great view of the beach. So they've asked Dean and Derek to transform their backyard into a "Waterfront Hideaway." To make that happen, Dean and Derek turn the ocean side of the Ulgenalp's property into a private beach by removing the turf and bringing in sand and boulders. Just to the side of the beach, they build a hand-crafted tiki hut with a palm frond roof sheltering a huge bamboo accented bar. To complete the getaway, they add tropical plants, a rustic fire pit, and comfortable furnishings. With a relaxing resort-like getaway in their own backyard, the Ulgenalps may never go inside again.


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