DIY Network

Outdoor Sports Bar

Episode DIND-201

Dean and Derek create the ultimate sports bar for the ultimate sports fan. Every day is game day in the home of little league coach Jim DeNeill. Unfortunately, the good times stop when everyone heads outside to celebrate a victory: the kids have a play area, but the adults are left to do without. So Dean and Derek head to an unused and overgrown area of the backyard to give the adults their own playground. They install a gorgeous travertine floor surrounded by a low retaining wall, and put in a weather-resistant TV for sports watching. And what better place to cheer for their favorite teams than around a hand-crafted bar with soapstone countertop and bar tap? A pergola, plantings, and some special artwork will make this room the envy of all the neighborhood kids. Whoops, we mean adults.


  • Andrew Vaccaro
    LUX Entertainment


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