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Outdoor Poker Lounge

Episode DIND-606H

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  • April 15, 2015

    8:00 AM e/p

Newlyweds Ryan and Kristin Welch recently bought a home in Las Vegas. Ryan is a professional poker player who's living the Las Vegas dream. Ironically, he doesn't have much space inside his house to practice his craft or play with friends-many of whom play professionally. But poker playing and late-night parties inside are turning their nice new house into a cluttered disaster. With an unfinished backyard that needs help, Kristin decides to take the party outdoors with a relaxing outdoor poker room for Ryan! Working with some already-completed elements like a pool, Dean and Derek bring function to this desert area with a gazebo and outdoor poker table. Because no poker game is complete without a few beverages, they build a bar veneered in stone to match the pool and top if off with a recycled glass countertop. They retain the back slope by carving recesses into the earth with jackhammers and build small alcoves walled with interlocking block. Modern planters and lots of desert-friendly plantings sustained by a new irrigation system are added to complement the space and make the boys feel like they're playing on The Strip!


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