DIY Network

Outdoor Office Lounge

Episode DIND-302H

What's the point of living in Las Vegas if you can't enjoy the beautiful year-round weather? Paula and Dave Braxton's current yard is uninhabitable so works-from-home Paula spends of all her time cooped up inside. Coming to the rescue, Dean and Derek decide to expand Paula's business to her backyard with an outdoor office lounge! The focus of this client-oriented space will be a comfortable seating area and an accessible snack station. A unique criss-cross patio will feature desert-friendly synthetic grass, a cozy fire pit for desert nights, and an easy-to-assemble tricked-out grill to make entertaining a breeze. With plenty of hardscaping, a little irrigation, and some desert-friendly plants, Dean and Derek will turn a desert downer into an oasis-style office lounge. Nope . . . this isn't a mirage! It's an outdoor room miracle!


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