DIY Network

Outdoor Kitchen

Episode DIND-206

Dean and Derek help move a family's kitchen time outside. Ellie and Shawn's kitchen is small and cramped. Outside, they have a deck that is little more than a pass-through to the pool. But the area off to the side is a perfect spot to expand their tiny kitchen. With 42 tons of dirt, Dean and Derek level off a hill, add two large patios, four shade trees, and one really cool kitchen unit complete with copper pizza oven and copper-colored concrete countertops. Whether it's daytime or nighttime, lunchtime or dinnertime, when Dean and Derek are done, this family will have a casual, comfortable outdoor cooking kitchen.


  • Dan Hartley
    Hartley Bros. Landscaping
  • Michael Karmody and Mike Paulsen
    Stone Soup Concrete
  • Harry Savoit
    Hastie Fence Company
  • Jim Ruprecht, Jr.
    Bay State Aquascapes


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